Features that set your chatbots apart

Chatlogy is the leading platform where we build chatbots to solve your problems. With our industry leading technology and powerful features we have created the perfect solution for your customer service, conversational commerce, and marketing.

Conversational Intelligence

Powerful NLP

Easy Integration

Multi-Channel Support

Dashboard And Analytics


Conversational maturity

Beyond understanding and interacting conversationally, a great chatbot has specific natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to understand the context of a conversation in multiple languages


The chatbot converses seamlessly across multiple digital channels and retains data and context for a seamless experience. In best cases, even passing that information to a live agent if needed.


The chatbot is pre-trained to understand brand-specific or industry-specific knowledge and terms. Even better, it’s pre-configured to resolve common customer requests of a particular industry.


The chatbot can be personalised with reminders and can infer customer personality traits and understand sentiment and tone during an interaction to deliver a personalized experience.


In the wake of recent data breaches, bots are more secure than ever. Many are now entirely transparent about what data they collect and what they use it for. Users often have the option to opt out of data collection, if desired.


Suggest and recommend products and services for a user based on current or previous interactions. This helps shoehorn more customer issues into upsells automatically, without involving an agent.

Chatbot features that helps grow business

Our business chatbots are complex technology and built from a carefully assembled set of features that will help you grow your business.

Smart Suggestions

You Can Up Sell Your Products On Facebook By Using Smart Suggestion On Our AI Chatbots.

Context Management

Manage The Users Based On Their Created Profile And Remember Past And Present Conversations.

Intent Management

Highly Efficient To Perform Multiple Tasks. It Can Process Multiple Intertwined Intents Within The Same Conversation.

Summarized Conversation

Extract The Most Important And Central Ideas While Ignoring Irrelevant Information.