Conversational AI for:

BUILD Your Own Chatbots. AUTOMATE Your Business. ENHANCE Interactions That Matter.

Custom Chatbots

Personalised chatbots to serve your business needs.

Multilingual NLP

Powerful NLP supports multiple languages including English, Bangla and Banglish.

Robust Security

Built with industry standard security protocols, authentication and end-to-end encryption.

Multi-Industry Focus

Designed to scale businesses in E-commerce, Telecom, Banking and more.

An Enterprise-Grade Chatbot Platform for Every Business

Chatlogy allows you to create the most realistic chatbots powered by AI for your business in every industry. Our chatbots will effectively and efficiently expand your business with enhanced customer service automation complete business analytics. Personalise the bots according to your business needs along with the integration powerful Multilingual NLP engine that humanizes the conversational experience.

Omnichannel - Be Everywhere Your Customers Are

Our API integrated system supports multiple channels such as Facebook messenger, Viber, Whatsapp, website and more.You can reach and interact with every customer wherever they are. We are constantly expanding our range of integrations. Message your customers over any platform, they will love you for it. Monitor and chat with the visitors on your website using AI chatbots.

Core Functions

Customer Support

Engage with your customers with immediate responses and increase customer satisfaction and retention.


Easier to target customers and engage customers with highly personalized marketing.


Discover deep insights through conversations refine bot performance and the user experience.


Guide customers down the sales funnel with targeted communication.

Lead Generation

Convert your visitors into potential prospects to scale your business.

AI and NLP Integration

Optimise and scale businesses with NLP integrated chatbots- humanized.

Our chatbot platform can help you achieve


increase in employee productivity


increase in digital engagement


improvement in customer satisfaction


reduction in customer support costs

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Frequently Asked Questions

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that converses like a human by understanding user context and responding autonomously. It can simulate conversations (chat) in natural language. A chatbot can automatically answer queries to visitors and customers who messaged you on whichever messenger platform you use. Eg: Facebook messenger.
Chatbots can greet new users and send messages in text, images, videos, and attachments to your usebase. It can create automated campaigns and accept payments and many more services.
Chatbots can play a vital role in your business as they can optimize your client service. In this age of social media clients expect instant replies and fast solutions. Some of the main reasons for needing chatbots include reply instant replies with effective personalized messages, 24*7 availability,cut down costs by reducing the number of customer care staff, more retention and generation of new leads for your business.
Integrating a Chatlogy Chatbot is very easy. All you need is a messenger platform such as Facebook messenger. Simply connect your Facebook messenger with the chatbot, giving it administrative management permissions with your facebook credentials and it will start working immediately. You can customize and train your bot anytime you want.

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