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Actionable Insights With NLP Techniques

Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) Middleware is flexible yet powerful. With our middleware you will have a rich, robust linguistic markup for use in NLP-based applications like information extraction, question answering and semantic web.

English, Bengali and Banglish

Easy Integration

Personalized Service

Faster Training Time

Develop a Powerful NLP Application
That Includes

Multiple Language Support

Enables conversations in multiple languages like Bangla, English and Banglish. One of our unique features is understanding of Banglish: Bengali written with english letters and components.

Summarized conversation

Able to extract the most important and central ideas like conversational structure, summarization and group dynamics. while ignoring irrelevant information. This results in short, meaningful conversations.

Context management

Able to analyze long and complicated texts to extract the user information that helps in creating profiles. Also manage the users based on their created profile and remember past and present conversations.

Intent management

Able to analyze and determine the entities and intent of natural language sentences. It can process multiple intertwined intents within the same conversation and reply accordingly. It is a highly efficient middleware able to perform multiple tasks.

Semantic Search

Improve search accuracy by understanding the searcher's intent and the contextual meaning of terms as they appear in the searchable dataspace, whether on the Web or within a closed system, to generate more relevant results.


Able to analyze data for keyword frequency and trends, which can indicate overall customer feelings about a brand. NLP technology doesn’t just improve customers’ or potential buyers’ immediate experiences.

How Chatlogy NLP Middleware Works

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About Image

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Layer

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Knowledge Base/CMS (Source Content)

Data Storage(History & Analytics)

Additional Special Features of Chatlogy NLP

Vocabulary Expansion

Tense of the Verbs

Vocabulary Transfer

Predefined Synonyms



Message Personalization

Digit vs Numeric Words