Automate Customer Service

Chatlogy bots can respond instantly to customer service questions and provide fast solutions, 24/7 improving customer service massively. Eliminate the need to hire additional agents for repetitive tasks. The chatbots can handle all repetitive tasks.

Automating the customer service with chatbots not only cut costs, it massively increases sales, improves marketing and transformations, qualifies more leads, and mechanizes support on multiple channels such as Facebook, Viber, Website and various other platforms.

Make 70% Customers Happier

The faster and accurate the replies to customer queries, the higher the satisfaction rate. Chatbots reply instantly to thousands of customers simultaneously. Moreover the Artificial Intelligence of the bots humanize the conversation with multiple language feature, further improving customer satisfaction. Chatbots are available throughout the day, no matter the time, to instantly reply to customer queries.

Create Your Own ChatBot With in Minutes

The drag and drop feature enables building your personalised chatbot within minutes with absolutely no coding knowledge. Build your bot seamlessly and effortlessly,quickly test and deploy on multiple devices and channels. Manage content in real-time.